Where Readers Become Followers

For a reader to become a Follower of your site, they are literally one button click away. But where that button can be found is a little magical if you’ve mostly viewed your site, not others on WordPress.com.

While I’m editing my blog, there is a handy little option in the bottom-right to let me open the Customizer or edit the post I’m on, it’s called the Action Bar:

Where the action happens

But if you view that same page without being logged in, Customize and Edit are nowhere to be found. Which is good, because I wouldn’t want folks editing my blog posts anyway.

Instead, the Action Bar does a Superman-in-a-phone-booth-esque transformation to allow readers to Follow the blog.

Just a different action

So no need to worry about making sure readers can become followers. Right out of the box, WordPress.com has you covered.

Some More Alternatives

Want to make Following a little more enticing? The Follow Blog Widget is for you! Add it to any widget area on your site, use visibility rules to display it only on certain pages, style it with CSS, the widget is your playground.

The WordPress.com Reader is also a great place to find new content and follow other blogs. But WordPress.com has you covered there too. Once they check your post, the option to follow your blog is right at the top.